Chris Evans is one of the most loved people on the planet, right? I mean, he’s Captain America, duh! 

In fact, one of the very few creatures that have received a similar amount of love are Golden Retrievers. But if this Twitter account is to be believed, both of them are the same creature!

Just two Chrises hanging out in the park!

Chris Evans is the best boy ever.

Probably worrying about a falling chimken nugger.

They even have the same penguins!

That smile! That damn smile. 

Oh hey, Johnny!

I would want to listen to that story.

I like how Downey’s a cat. 

Reading about the food, I think. 

Dang! Doing me a bamboozle.

Nobody I know will ever look that good in a suit. 

Oh heck! Someone ate your shoes!

Just look at that face. 

Run before you can walk!

My heart!

Doing the ‘smell the fart’ face.

Adventurous doggo on the way!

Looking at Peggy like…

Bucky stole their toys.

That is totally Hemsworthy.

I’ll do whatever you ask, master!

All we need now is a compilation of all the other Chrises as dogs!