Sometimes, while capturing wildlife, we forget how we’re intruding or standing in the way of an animal’s path. The outcome can and often does end up quite tragic, owing man-animal conflicts. However, a wonderous incident was observed between this woman and an elephant.


In a short but insightful video – shared by IFS Susanta Nanda from Odisha – we can see how human beings sometimes become a hindrance for wild animals and that brings consequences.


As the woman begins to click photographs of the elephant, it can be seen moving closer to her. 

It looked dangerous at first but it seems she got lucky as the elephant moved her off her path rather than causing any damage. 
Watch below: 

Soon the video went viral and netizens were surprised how lucky the woman was in that spot when the elephant issued a stern yet sober warning. 

It is time we humans learn patience and resilience from our animal friends and apply those lessons into our lives. 

*Screenshots from the video have been used in the article.