Everyone who has taken a trip to the hills knows about the sweet mountain dogs who follow you on your treks, are always hungry for pets, and are generally the most precious. 

However, as much as people like to have them around, these dogs are often not taken very good care of. They rely on travelers for food, which means that during off-season months, they are not in a very good state.

Enter this old uncle from Himachal Pradesh who takes care of 16 dogs. He doesn’t just provide them with food but also a home. 

These dogs are pretty much his companions for life and they go up and down 3 hills with him every day. 

The man has become pretty famous even with the tourists, some of whom vouch for the fact that he does, in fact take the best care of the little animals. 

A video posted on Instagram shows him with his dogs and here is the love he is getting for the same. 

We love to see this. 

H/T: jack.the.gsd