Narnia is a unique cat with blue eyes who has a beautiful duel-colour pattern on his face. Perfectly aligned and freakishly symmetrical, the monochromatic hues split from the middle and perfectly divide his face. 


I know you’re wondering what’s so different about Narnia when there is a breed of cats called Chimera who have this beautiful features. Well, Narnia is not a Chimeria cat and he has managed to stump his owner and geneticist. 

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The ash grey and black linear, geometrical pattern on his face is sheer luck! Narina recently became a cat dad and you won’t believe what his adorable fluffball kittens look like!

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Narnia fathers a grey kitten named Phoenix that perfectly matches the right side of his face and a black one called Prada resembling the left side. 

While these adorable fluffballs inherited their father’s beautiful colour, none of them got Narnia’s magical blue eyes, which is a distinctive feature of white-furry cats.  

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Narnia’s cat-mom Stephanie Jiminez tells BoredPanda about how Narnia is a miracle, golden child: 

When Narnia was born I was extremely surprised. I knew immediately that he was exceptional. He was born with a double black and grey face, which is very rare – normally a cat cannot be black and grey.    
Bored Panda

Well all we can say is we’re damn impressed to see a rare condition (read: miracle) like this!