One of nature’s best moments is when the wildlife is on the move. When you see birds migrating, for instance. That is always such a beautiful sight. Especially, something like the flamboyance of flamingos. This is exactly what happened when images of flamingos flocking to The Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu went viral on Twitter.

Twitter/ supriyasahuias

A video of migrating flamingos was posted by Supriya Sahu, the Principal secretary of environment climate change and forests of Tamil Nadu. And it has 9.1K views on it, at the time of writing this article. People were quite literally, awestruck by the entire view.  

Twitter/ supriyasahuias

The IAS officer tweeted with the caption, ‘Point Calimere (Kodiakarai) Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu is abuzz with thousands of migratory birds #TNForest.’ You can watch the whole video here. 

Here is how some people reacted to it. 

They’re also just a very beautiful species of birds!