A mother’s love knows no boundaries, and she would go to any lengths to make her children happy! And it’s the same when it comes to animals too. 

In a touching story, a video of a mama elephant rescuing her child in a drowning river has warmed our hearts- it will have the same effect on you.

The clips show an elephant herd crossing the river and walking towards the forest. But due to the strong current of the water, a baby elephant is seen drifting apart from the group.

Quickly, the mama elephant reaches to rescue the baby, who is wobbling in the water. As there is a heavy flow in the river, she holds the baby from the trunk and together they walk out of the river. 

The incident took place somewhere near Nagrakata in North Bengal. The clip was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer Parween Kaswan and has more than 96k views and 4k likes. 

While many of us had our doubts if the baby was saved or not. A few netizens who watched the clip multiple times confirmed the calf was saved. Indeed, the mother protected the child and walked towards the forest later. 

Even after multiple failed attempts, she didn’t give up to save the baby elephant. Finally, they made it to land and joined their herd.

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