The People’s Daily, China has answered all our prayers when they posted an adorable video of a cute puppy playing around with 3 teensy chicks on their Twitter. The video has gathered 59,000 views – and counting. 

As this week comes to end, all us need a little something to wind down and lighten the mood for the oncoming weekend. 

Captioned, ‘Explore the world as if it was your #1stday around’, the video was shared on Twitter on 20th June. It shows a puppy chasing around 3 baby chicks. A few seconds into the video, it looks as if the puppy is even trying to hug one of the chicks. *heart exploding in 3…2…*

There’s a little kitty in the background too. *So much adorable-ness in one video!*

The video has Twitter head over heels for the little munchkins!

This is way more cuteness than we can handle! But please, can we have some more?