A disturbing video has emerged from New Zealand, where a young teenage girl can be seen repeatedly throwing a concrete block at a visibly frightened kitten that ultimately died.


Even more worrying is the fact that there are two other people off screen laughing and cheering her on.


According to the Daily Mail, the video was uploaded on Facebook by an animal activists group called Paw Justice. The motive behind uploading was for viewers to help and identify the offenders. 

One of the girls off camera can be heard saying:

“Put it on the concrete or else it won’t f**king die.”

The girl threw the kitten on the grass while someone off camera threw a concrete block at it.


Then the girl threw another huge block at the defenceless kitten.


The kitten scurried off to the nearby bush where it later died.


Paw Justice had asked people to come forward with any information they might have regarding the offenders.

According to the Daily Mail, Paw Justice in their post said that the footage ‘sickens and saddens us at the same time’.


The post further read:

“We can’t even begin [to] understand why this little soul was stoned to death. What the hell is happening with our youth if they can do this and laugh. We need to let people know this conduct is not right, and in fact it’s so wrong it’s beyond sick.”

People were obviously sickened by the sight and many people commented on how disturbed they were by the footage and also expressed concern over the mindset of the youth.

Thankfully, the purpose of posting the video was served and the girls responsible were identified by the police.


According to another report by the Daily Mail, the girls are merely between 11-16 years of age. Constable Chris Wakelin of New Zealand Police said:

“The offenders will all be interviewed and referred to the Invercargill Youth Services team for appropriate action.”

The police along with the SPCA have removed three other kittens from the homes of the offenders. They will be rehomed soon.


Paw Justice described it as ‘one of the worst cases’ of cruelty that they had ever seen.

It’s really hard to imagine what went through the teenagers’ minds while doing such a deed.

This is the video of the kids torturing the kitten.