Most of us are excited for Diwali because of all the lights, cheer and fun. But unfortunately our pets and other stray animals do not feel the same.


It’s the worst time of the year for them. The air pollution and super loud firecrackers make them anxious and frightened. Those of us who have pets must have seen the changes in their beahviour during Diwali. But there are milllions of people who are unaware of the impact of firecrackers and their loud noises on animals, especially the strays.


Dogs and cats have highly sensitive hearing abilities. They hear sounds that the human ear cannot. That is why sounds of continuous loud bursts are literally nerve-wracking for them.

An animal rescue organisation, Hi Paws, has come up with an awareness campaign for the same. 

This short video of theirs aims to transport humans into the lives of animals, especially dogs, on and around Diwali. And trust me, after watching this, you will never want to burst crackers.

It shows how firecrackers sound to animals and appeals to people to not burst crackers. 

Founded by the husband wife duo, Saurabh and Khushbu, 2 years back, Hi Paws is a relatively new organisation based in Rohini, Delhi. The couple are able to feed somewhere around 100-120 strays every day.

Although, they do not have any shelter house of their own, they have rescued many stray animals and relocated them to other nearby shelter homes. You can check their activites on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

They are also in need of volunteers and funds to carry on their rescue and feeding activities. If you want to help them, you can reach out to them at and do your bit, this festive season.