Pets have the most magical way of being funny and adorable without even trying. They're special to us and the smarty-pantses know it! 

Which is why they take serious offence when we're around but not paying attention to them. And given the current work from home situation, all the pooches and the kitties of the world are confused and grumpy. 

So here's a compilation of 11 funny and jealous pets from around the world who would do anything to grab their owners' attention (And it's funnier than Cardi B screaming 'Coronavirus'). 

1. No excel spreadsheet for you, mister.

2. Where did my mouse go?


3. And those eyes!

4. Looks like someone's big on sharing office space.


5. We don't care about the economy. You shouldn't either.


6. That was one hell of a kick.

7. Find your own work corner.


8. Who needs to go to the parlour? 

9. Never seen anyone as excited for video calls.


10. I said, look at me!

11. How dare you not play with me? 

Social distancing is 100% better with social pets!