The purest love that ever existed is four-legged with fur and Vir Das totally gets it. 


In an Instagram post, Vir Das expresses his ever-lasting love for animals, primarily his pet. 

He believes that affection with your pet can let you lose yourself in love. It makes him wonder how they cannot speak your language yet communicate perfectly with your soul like no human being can.

Real, warm, unpolluted love. Things like proximity, breath, touch, eyes, ears speak more than words, texts, dinners and trips.

Your canine friends don’t ask for something big, instead just little spots from your space to make them their own. Your car window becomes their spaceship. The living room furniture, their forest. Their bed is wherever you are. You’re the pillow, after all. Whatever you eat is fine dining. 

As you lose yourself in stupidity and playfulness, you also wish you could look at yourself the way they see you. 

Twitter absolutely connects with what Vir Das feels and showers him with ‘pawsitive’ tweets:

Look at what Instagrammers have to say:

Even though his ears that are filled with sounds of airports, jet engines, roaring crowds and blasting music, he misses the sound of paws on a floor headed his way. That sound got slower as he got older, but turns out, it’s the greatest love song that one can ever hear. And he can’t wait to hear it all over again. 

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