Sometimes a minute of patience can result in an unexpected pay off. In fact, this viral video of a KSRTC bus driver is a perfect example of this. 

Twitter/ supriyasahuias

As the video gained traction, many people began sharing it on Twitter. This includes IAS officer Supriya Sahu, who posted the video applauding the bus driver’s calm approach in dealing with an elephant that broke the bus’ windshield. 

Twitter/ supriyasahuias

According to the video filmed by one of the passengers on the bus, It is evident that the elephant was harmless and broke the windshield accidentally. The KSRTC bus driver patiently waited for the elephant to back away from the bus before driving away and handled the situation in a wise and gentle way that ensured everyone’s safety. And netizens cannot help but commend his smarts in the tricky situation!

Here is how people responded to the driver’s sense of calm and how he dealt with the elephant. 

A lesson on how to treat animals!