Trigger warning: animal cruelty

I would strongly urge you to take the above message seriously because what you’re about to see next will make you lose all faith in all humanity.

Mohit Mohila took to Twitter to seek justice for an unfortunate pet dog who was beaten mercilessly by a man in broad daylight. 

Watch the video here:

While scrolling for more information, we stumbled across another video of what appears to be the same man assaulting a woman. 

Seriously, how the hell is he allowed to roam the streets as a free man? Arrest him already!

While in the interest of neutrality, we must remain impartial but fuck people who hurt innocent animals! They are assholes devoid of basic human emotion. Someone who is so cruel needs to be persecuted under law and we, need to have stricter laws for animal cruelty. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that there are a million and a half ways to deal with dogs barking at you. None of them are trying to kill them!