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Take This 'Pawsome' Quiz & We'll Tell You Which Breed Of Doggo You Are

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Just like different people all over the world have diverse personalities, dog breeds have their basic nature too. Find out which one you will be if you were a dog.

1. Finish this sentence:

"My best friend ______?

Brings food for me.

Proteccs me from everything.

Never judges.

Always listens to me.

2. What do you like to do on weekends?

Weekends are meant for taking naps.

Go on a hike.

Every day is a weekend for me. 

Cuddle with my Bae.

3. What is your favourite thing to eat?

Hot dogs.

I don't discriminate. I eat everything.

Anything but vegetarian food. 


4. How often do you groom your hair? 

I don’t need to. I’m already paw-fect!

When my mom tells me to. 

Every day. Gotta look fresh! 


5. What do people judge you for? 

I’m a talker!

My unhealthy eating habits.

I give no reason to anyone to judge me.

They think I’m a show off.

6. How would your friends describe you? 

A hot head.


Disciplined AF.

Crazy but cute. 

7. How do you behave at home? 

I rule the place.

I like to sleep. A lot.

My parents think I'm the ideal child.

Like a spoilt baby.  

8. Do you like to socialise? 

Eh, I told you I’m a talker.

Only if people come over to my house.  

Yes, but I’m very picky.  

Only with babies cuz they love me.  


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