Human beings are clearly the most evolved creatures on Earth. From building houses to building nano technology and even creating human clones to do our biding, we’ve conquered all. But, while we are taking huge strides, we are just as blinded by our evolution and we don’t see how we’re inversely affecting the very planet we’re trying ‘develop’. But, of course, we’re so intelligent, right? 

This article published in The Hindu, agrees and further points out who the ‘Dumbest Creature on Earth’ really is. Before we proceed, take a moment to read it because it gets interesting. 


The article makes an important point about the sea turtles and their ‘plastic diet’ due to which they are on the verge of extinction. A portion of the article reads: 

Such is the lack of intelligence that a sea turtle cannot even tell the difference between a plastic bag and a jellyfish. That says a lot when you consider that Jellyfish is the turtles favourite food. 

-The Hindu

Stupid sea turtles, right? 


The article also makes an important point about humans and how evolved we are. Clearly, the most intelligent creatures on this planet because we’ve had so many bright minds; the likes of Einstein, Newton and currently, Musk – thinking and creating way ahead of our times. 

Because of human intelligence, we’ve conquered the skies, the seas and even space. We’ve even set foot on the Moon, as well as on Mars. Point: We’re the most intelligent! 

The geniuses that put a vehicle on the red planet, a man on the faraway moon, and that plastic bag in the vast ocean

-The Hindu

It’s true, isn’t it? We created it all! The good, the bad and the ugly. 

While chasing evolution we have completely forgotten about the fact that we do not exist alone. We survive because of the environment that comprises of various other species. 

The Hindu plays hard on the sarcasm in the article with a very thought-provoking ending. By the end of the article, you’re left with an answer to the question: 

Who is the dumbest creature on the planet, after all? 

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?