We humans need to learn better to treat animals and remember they are not just for amusement. In a disturbing incident, we have reports coming in on how a few kangaroos were smuggled to India to be destined as pets. 

For the unversed, kangaroos are native to Australia and New Guinea and can only survive in such weather conditions.

As per reports, the West Bengal state’s forest officials spotted kangaroos roaming around the Jalpaiguri district between 1 to 2 April. However, only three kangaroos were rescued from different parts of Siliguri town, and one was found dead. 

An official from the forest department said:

We have initiated further investigation for ascertaining the whereabouts of these Kangaroos, by whom and how they were brought into the forest along with finding the cause behind bringing them.

People on Twitter are enraged and shocked to spot Kangaroos in India. While most are concerned about their well-being as the climate of India won’t conform to them. 

Furthermore, India’s Wildlife Protection Act doesn’t protect non-native, exotic animals- hence they can’t prosecute the smugglers. A team is investigating the matter, and we hope justice prevails.

We need better rules and regulations for animal trafficking in India.

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