Cats are the most under-appreciated and misunderstood of all animals. And we are here to change that. Plus, millennials have more in common with cats, than they do with dogs. Here’s why

1. “What do you mean I have a cat-titude problem?”

2. “Hello, please acknowledge me?”

3. “Excuse me, Mister, what do you think you are doing? I said acknowledge, not touch.”

4. “Mehh.”

5. “Breathing is exhausting. I guess, I’ll sleep for a while.”

6. “World domination, my biatch.”

7. “World dominatio… Oh look! Who is that cutie in the mirror?”

8. “If you invade my personal space, I will scratch you in your sleep.”

9. “Sunday plans? That’s a paw-sitive ‘no’ from my side.”

10. “Heckin purrfect me-time, fren.”

11. “Brother, you got loops?”

12. “I is a purrfection”

13. “Excuse me? I am not arrogant, you peasant. Respecc your Lord.”

14. “Brrrr. What do you mean, I am too dirty for you to snuggle? Brrr.”

15. “Oh come on, you know that’s a lie, hooman. But still go on.”

Do you have a cat (or like, does a cat have you)? Tell us how they are the most relatable animals ever, in the comments below.

Design Credits – Ashish kumar & Nupur Agrawal.