Pet-friendly workplaces are becoming a thing now. And why not? They’re pawsome! Imagine coming to work with your furry buddy by your side and having him snuggle with you while you work. Sounds amazing, right?

The fact that this is becoming a common phenomenon makes dog lovers across the world extremely happy. It’s also the reason why so many non-dog people adore these four-legged babies now.

Here are some reasons why we should have a pet-friendly office.

Pet-friendly workplaces have a paw-sitive effect on your mental health.

Apart from being absolutely adorable, our furry buddies have the ability to keep your mental health balanced. A research from the International Journal of Workplace Health Management proves that having a dog around could do you way more good than a non-pet-friendly workplace.

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Pet-friendly workplaces improve your social life and people skills.

It is a proven fact that your brain releases high levels of oxytocin when you spend time with pets. And no points for guessing that if you’re feeling the ‘love hormone’, your interaction with others automatically gets better.

But just in case, you aren’t interested in making conversation with your colleagues, you always have your furry buddy to give you company at work.

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Dogs keep you physically fit.

Having a doggy definitely makes the laziest of us much more active. According to the American Heart Association, being around dogs can lower your risk of heart-related diseases.

Pet-friendly places are not just good for us but also the dogs.

Like human beings, dogs are social animals. Pet-friendly workplaces also contribute a lot to a dog’s well being and its need to socialise with human beings as well as other dogs.

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Pet-friendly workplaces are great for people who don’t have their own pets.

Don’t have a pet? Don’t fret. If you’re lucky enough to work in a pet-friendly place, you can experience the joy of being around pets all the time. It also helps people who’ve never been around pets to know more about how dogs function.

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Pet-friendly workplaces reduce stress and improves your morale.

It is a well-known fact that pets have the ability to help in reducing stress. And where are we stressed out the most? At work! So, no wonder people work at pet-friendly offices are much more relaxed than those who don’t.

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Having your doggo around you helps you in becoming more productive.

You’re stress-free, happy with your best buddy right next to you. Of course, all these factors contribute to you performing better at work.


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