Some believe, the eyes are the reflection of the soul.

And, if that’s true, Winnie, the cocker spaniel from UK, seems to have the purest soul since she has the most gorgeous eyes that we have ever seen. Literally!

Yes, this cutie has taken the internet by storm with her big captivating eyes that resemble that of a Disney princess and we aren’t even kidding.

She is only 3 months old but her popularity on social media is massive, thanks to her big hazel-coloured eyes and long fluttery eyelashes that we just can’t get over. 

Her adorable and unique appearance has people believing that she belongs in a Disney universe and we totally agree. Right?

This diva has her own Tik Tok and Instagram account that her humans, Ellee and Tom operate to document her sweet little adventures. 

She became a star overnight with 2.3 million views on Tik Tok as her fans couldn’t get enough of her mesmerizing eyes. Oh my heart…

With only 29 posts on Instagram, she has over 336k followers so you can imagine the extent of her popularity. 

And, just in case you want to know, Winnie is a playful doggo who enjoys eating slippers, going on long walks, playing fetch and snuggling. 

If you still can’t enough of her gorgeous eyes, here are some more pictures of Winnie that might just urge you to press the “follow” button on her Instagram page. Take a look. 

We are totally drooling over this cutie. 

Can I steal her away?

Cuteness overloaded!

Play time!

Aww! Ignoring this fur ball is a sin. 

Oh those dreamy eyes…

Isn’t she the most adorable living being you’ve ever come across?