Today is World Smile Day, so obviously we have a bunch of animals smiling to make your day!

These quokkas are famous for their selfies!

This cute hedgehog just made my day.

How about this cutie-patootie?

And another alpaca, how are they so cuteee?

This gecko is here to prove reptiles can be adorable too.

A baby porcupine! Can you see his little tongue?


This baby goat just radiates a sense of peace and calm and I want to tell it all my secrets.

A happy boy who wants you to be happy too!

This a tree kangaroo, and it sends you happy vibes from down under.

This baby sealโ€™s smile can warm even the iciest of hearts.ย 


A sleeping ferret sets the tone for your ideal weekend. Heโ€™s smiling in his dreams!

I aspire to be as happy as this gerbil in flowers.


Your day is brightened by his gorgeous smile.

This sloth really does have a million dollar smile.ย 

Bored Panda

This zen fox radiates positive vibes for you today.

Imagine waking up to this face every day. A good morning indeed.ย 

Sunny day, sunny smiles.

Bored Panda

Double trouble for double smiles!

This good boy just wants you to have a good day.


Thatโ€™s the face you see when you know your kitty is up to some mischief.ย 


This baby jaguar is too happy to be true.

These baby lambs want to be friends with you. Who will ever say no?

A warm, toasty and happy chihuahua.

Baby elephants, happy to be playing together. What a sight.ย 

Sky is here to lighten up all your moods!

Any guesses to what this cutie little floofer is?

Swipe for a group of the happiest BFFs.

This panda would make the best cuddle buddy: change my mind.ย 


A teacup pig, with the sweetest smile.ย 


Hope these made you smile as much as I did while making this.