Today is World Smile Day, so obviously we have a bunch of animals smiling to make your day!

These quokkas are famous for their selfies!

This cute hedgehog just made my day.

How about this cutie-patootie?

And another alpaca, how are they so cuteee?

This gecko is here to prove reptiles can be adorable too.

A baby porcupine! Can you see his little tongue?

Fluffy porcupine
Source: Pinterest

This baby goat just radiates a sense of peace and calm and I want to tell it all my secrets.

A happy boy who wants you to be happy too!

This a tree kangaroo, and it sends you happy vibes from down under.

This baby seal's smile can warm even the iciest of hearts.Β 

Baby seal
Source: Pinterest

A sleeping ferret sets the tone for your ideal weekend. He's smiling in his dreams!

I aspire to be as happy as this gerbil in flowers.

Gerbil in flowers
Source: Source

Your day is brightened by his gorgeous smile.

This sloth really does have a million dollar smile.Β 

Smiling sloth.
Source: Bored Panda

This zen fox radiates positive vibes for you today.

Imagine waking up to this face every day. A good morning indeed.Β 

Sunny day, sunny smiles.

Smiling Dog
Source: Bored Panda

Double trouble for double smiles!

This good boy just wants you to have a good day.

Smiling dog in flowers
Source: Pinterest

That's the face you see when you know your kitty is up to some mischief.Β 

Winking kitty
Source: EartPorm

This baby jaguar is too happy to be true.

These baby lambs want to be friends with you. Who will ever say no?

A warm, toasty and happy chihuahua.

Baby elephants, happy to be playing together. What a sight.Β 

Sky is here to lighten up all your moods!

Any guesses to what this cutie little floofer is?

Swipe for a group of the happiest BFFs.

This panda would make the best cuddle buddy: change my mind.Β 

Source: Pinterest

A teacup pig, with the sweetest smile.Β 

Teacup pig
Source: Imgur

Hope these made you smile as much as I did while making this.