It's hard to have lived through the 90s without having heard the cult classic song, Barbie Girl. It was literally every cool party anthem. They even had us wanting to live the plastic life; just like Barbie and Ken - in playhouses with toy dalmatians.  

It's no wonder that song is still stuck in my head. We have Aqua to thank for that; the four-member Danish band featuring it's only female singer, Lene Nystrøm Rasted (the only real-life Barbie we acknowledge) and René Dif (our real-life Ken)! And there's more where Barbie Girl came from! 

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Remember Around The World?

Aqua gave us some true 90s jam numbers that we truly have not appreciated enough. I mean, when was the last time you truly took time to appreciate the lyrical genius that was Aqua? 

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Their songs were literally based on some of our typical childhood games and stories - Barbie Girl was synonymous with our favourite Mattel plastic doll. 

My Oh My was like Peter Pan, minus Wendy and by the end it was just about finding treasure.  

But it was Dr Jones that for me, was peak Aqua. Like, were you even in love if you didn't relate to the lyrics? 

I think about you every day, I really want you too.

You swept my feet right off the ground, You're the love I found.   

Doctor Jones, Jones, Calling Doctor Jones

Doctor Jones, Doctor Jones, get up now, wake up now 

Later Aqua even evolved to songs like We Belong To The Sea. It was like a unicorn trying to be all emo. But, it was gold! 

And you know what the best part is? If these songs play today at any party today - house or club - I'm still going to sing along; heck, I'll even dance to it; even if I'm the only one on the dance floor. 

Honestly, if you didn't listen to Aqua, don't even call yourself a '90s kid because you could not have survived with Aqua (geddit?).