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They say we should never stop learning because life never stops teaching. And while life has taught us all hundreds upon thousands of things, ask a biker and they’d tell you that a motorcycle, too, can teach its rider multiple crucial life lessons. I’m in a committed relationship with mine and I can safely say that it has taught me lessons that will stay with me forever. Lessons, it taught me the hard way and the right away.

Especially these 8:

When you’re always looking at the ground you can’t see what’s going on around you, in front of you, or in the distance. While riding a motorcycle, just like in life, a sure-fire way to hit the ground is to look at it instead of what’s ahead.

Nothing comes close to that feeling of the wind blowing in your face, sweeping your hair back. In that moment, it’s the only thing that matters. Much like life, where if you’ve found the right occupation, the right set of friends or the ideal partner, your worries tend to just disappear.

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The road won’t always be straight and the weather won’t always be favourable. That being said, as long as you have a machine that you can count on and trust your (riding) instincts, you know you’ll reach your destination. This belief, though, is made up of experience, hard work and will: three ingredients that can help a ship sail through even the biggest storms.

There’s no point in riding into the hills or a city 200 kilometers away from home if you’re going to bring work or stress with you. Kind of like how the dinner table is not the right place to check emails. In both cases, there are many better things going on around you that need your focus more than the same old, same old.

In this age when work and life related anxieties are deeply embedded in our systems, we tend to knock on the wrong doors, looking for respite. We don’t realize, we already know the way out; it’s just a matter of introspecting. All the alcohol, pills and counseling in the world can’t match a week-long getaway on your motorcycle.

When you’re out on the road, you need to think of the weather, the route, your bike, your physical conditioning and a handful of other things. Even if just one thing goes wrong, things can go south pretty quickly. Likewise, it’s smart to take as many things as you can into account before making a big move in life.

Over-speeding kills. Not wearing a helmet kills. Jumping the signal kills. No, rules are not the most fun part of the process but they’re there for a reason. And even if they don’t strike you as favorable at first, the idea is to MAKE them work in your favour.

When your buddies show you pictures of all the fun they had on a road trip that you were invited to but didn’t go for, it’s quite a shit feeling. The lesson to take away here is that when an opportunity presents itself, you take it instead of pondering over it.

If you’re a biker, or even a passionate rider, you need a ride that does justice to your love of riding. Suzuki’s fully faired Gixxer SF is a 150cc bike with advanced features like ABS and dual exhaust. Not to mention, the looks to die for as well. So, if you truly wanna stand out while on the road, you know what bike to go for.

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