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“I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way, gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It’s gonna be a bright (bright) Bright (bright) sunshiny day It’s gonna be a bright (bright) Bright (bright) sunshiny day” – Hothouse Flowers

This opening scene from The Grand Tour sums up the emotions that I felt when finally, the holy trinity of Clarkson, Hammond & May reunited. Three Mustangs, the open road and these three embarking on yet another adventure. An adventure that continues with the second season of The Grand Tour, starting December 8. 

The first episode opened with them in three of the best supercars in the world. The Porsche 918 (Hammond), The LaFerrari (May) and The Mclaren P1 (Clarkson). What were they doing? Checking out which is the best and who to crown the Champion. 


While I felt that 13 episodes in the first season were not going to be enough to satisfy me, they were enough to make me fall in love with them, all over again. And it’s not just about the number of episodes, it’s about what those episodes represented. Whether it was the two-part Namibia special, where the three made their own versions of Beach Buggies and drove for 1600 KMs or the one with the off-road rally at Nuremberg in a Jaguar F-Pace (Hammond), a Bentley Bentayga (May) and a Range Rover Autobiography (Clarkson), all these episodes had that quintessential Hammond-Clarkson-May flavour about them. 


The constant banter and the light-hearted jabs were a reminder that these three guys are not presenters, no, they are friends, both on and off the screen. And just like you and me, there are times when they agree to disagree. Whether it’s calling Clarkson an Orangutan, May as Captain Slow or Hammond the Hamster, these three have shown time and time again, that more than the cars, it is their chemistry that really gets people hooked to any of their shows. 


One of the things that really stood out was the fact that they didn’t shoot the entire series in one location. For season 1, the three travelled to different locations, beginning in Johannesburg, these guys travelled to Finland, Germany, United States, Scotland and eventually ended it with a bang, in the Middle East. 


For the Grand Finale, the three pitched the tent in Dubai and it began with Clarkson pitting his beloved VW Golf GTI against the May’s electrically powered BMW i3. The episode was titled past vs Future and it was a rather fitting end to a much-awaited series.


With season 2 right around the corner, I for one cannot keep calm and wait for these three to come back & show their magic again. And judging by the trailer below, I’m sure that we are in for one hell-of-a-ride, in bigger, better and faster cars!

Till then, here’s Clarkson doing what Clarkson does best!