This is how they teased us.

You don’t need to be a car enthusiast to admire the beauty they revealed.

This is Lamborghini’s new concept car – Terzo Millennio. It is an electric hypercar. Times are changing. Hybrid cars are here and soon will be a part of our day to day lives. Every brand would eventually think of making the switch to either electric or hybrid. Sad, but necessary.

Lamborghini has always been about looks, power and speed. Something that hybrids and electric cars may lack. So it’s not a given that they will ever make a complete switch. 

But then Lamborghini has a habit of running ahead of the competition. So it is bound to find a way around it. Terzo Millennio means the third millennium. There is more than just engineering in this car. There is wizardry.

Apparently, the carbon-fibre nanotube structure will have the capacity to self-heal! Well, it’s not like you bang the crap out of it and then expect it to regenerate, but if small bumps and bruises can actually heal, we’ll be sold.

Lambo has teamed up with some great minds from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in an attempt to turn this eco-friendly concept into reality. The matte black colour, the edges, tyres that look like futuristic turbines, the crazy fenders, etc. just show how they are ready to go all out. But that’s just the physical aspect.

It is proposed that the car will actually regenerate power using supercapacitors. Basically, when you brake after driving at a certain speed, the fuel is used up and gone. However, the Terzo Millennio stores the fuel and once you release the brakes and press on the accelerator, the same is pumped back to re-power it.

Every tyre is set to have a separate electric motor to not compromise on the performance. It will be able to provide a powerful four-wheel drive experience. Again, Lambo obviously wants its trademark ruthless power in the car regardless of it being electric. 

It will of course take time, but it will be worth. 

“It will be a big task, but we live for this,” said Lamborghini’s chief engineer Maurizio Reggiani. He sees a promising future. And this car might just be the one to take us there.