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When it comes to cars and their evolution, it’s safe to say that we have been shifting gears up a notch every now and then. Modern day cars come with exceptional design and features that ensure comfort and convenience. Although it’s only human for us to keep on raising our expectations, wouldn’t it be great if we had a dream car that’d cater to our wishes? I know I would, so I decided to ask a few people about that one unique feature that they’d want in their dream car, and here’s what they had to say: 








Now, while most of these unique features are either too good to be true or might take a little (maybe a lot) longer to become a reality. That said, there are indeed a few that come close to being real-life dream cars. One among them is the Next Gen VERNA that comes with some really cool features and exquisite design including, front ventilated seats that assure absolute comfort when dealing with extreme city conditions, 7.0 AVN that will help you smoothly navigate through those long drives, a Handsfree Smart Trunk so that you can easily open your boot while carrying those shopping bags, and a one-touch Smart Electric Sunroof that helps you become one with nature almost instantly. Not just awe-inspiring design, the sedan comes packed with a 1.6 L Engine with 6 Speed Transmission (Automatic/Manual) that should give you enough power to cruise through any terrain. 

It’d be safe to say that the Next Gen VERNA does justice to its aspiration of being the car for the next-gen drivers who seek comfort and luxury. Here’s a sneak peek to the majestic machine that should qualify as your dream car: