In case you missed it, in 2016, a movie called Baaghi had released.

The film starred Tiger Shroff as a rebel with every cause possible.

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Tiger had gotten so ripped for the movie, that even his abs had developed a face of their own.

Seriously, those abs looked like Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy.

And now, 2 years later, he's back with a sequel. 

Creatively titled...

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The trailer was recently released and well, it looks like any other action movie.

There are abs, action, abs, action and abs.

Oh, and did I say abs?

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The film joins a million other movies in the 'one-man army movie' club.

One man rising against an entire system? Wow, that's something that's never been done before!

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Oh but wait, there's one difference.

He flies in this one.

Like literally, he does.

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And not just him.

Looks like everybody can fly in this one.

Take that, Avengers.

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And in accordance with the present day tradition of Bollywood in which it surrounds mediocre talent with good talent, the film has a plethora of solid actors like Manoj Bajpayee...

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Randeep Hooda...

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And Prateik Babbar.

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Moreover, you can even give a missed call on a number and join the 'rebellion'.

Don't ask me what rebellion it is 'cause even I don't know.

Source: Fox Star Hindi

Check out the trailer right here.