Where do you find solace? Maybe a quiet corner of your home, inside a page from your favourite book, on a long stretch of road leading to nowhere, with your little child smiling in your arms. 

As you tear away from the madding crowds--inside and outside your mind, you tiptoe to this peaceful corner that is just yours and where you'll find your little oasis of calm.

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But if you don't have a personal oasis to go to, you could always head to Gurudwara Sri Bangla Sahib in Delhi.

This place of worship is open to all but remains ever so serene that even with a massive crowd inside it, you can still experience tranquility.

Whether or not you believe in 'higher powers', there'll be a part of you that will instantly connect to the magic that is the Gurudwara Sri Bangla Sahib.

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 Day or night, this majestic gurudwara wraps you in its beauty.

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Whether you look up to skies or bow down in prayer, you'll find tranquility in every direction.

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 Bundled into little prayers are hopes and dreams that find a release as you enter the gates.

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And you capture the serenity thorough the corridors that become your memory's picture frames.

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You lose yourself with the enrapturing sound of ragis who sing in constant devotion.

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You open your eyes to a faith dressed in love.

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 And find a reflection of your true self in the sarovar.

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And as you go back home, you never leave with an empty heart or an empty stomach.

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 A meditative experience like no other.

Feature Image By Saurav Shrivastava/Tripopedia.