We all have a different style of dressing up every day. And no two people have the exact same style statement, which is majorly because our fashion choices are an extension of our personalities. And since fashion choices decide what it says about your style, this would-you-rather quiz is going to be right up your alley. Ladies, let’s get started, shall we? 

P.S. - Choose your ensemble wisely for we are judging your style persona based on that. Just kidding!

1. Let's start from the top, would you rather buy a pair of sharp aviators OR go with a round pair of coolness?

2. Would you rather wear the first one for your lunch date OR make a style statement in front of your squad with the second one?

3. Would you rather go all decked up in this retro cold shoulder OR go casual in the other tie-and-dye top?

4. When it comes to bottoms, would you rather go with basic denims OR go ahead with a cool camouflage print skirt?

5. Would you kick fashion stereotypes with this comfy yet stylish pair of sneakers OR be the suave and sophisticated one by choosing a pair of heels?

6. Would you rather buy a designer MK watch OR get ahead of your league with an uber-cool smartwatch?

7. Last but not the least, would you rather funk it up with a quirky sling OR choose a gold and classy one over it?