The phrase 'hiding in plain sight' will be brought to light by the end of this post. New York is known for its bustling life, fashion, exposure and opportunities. What if we told you that the New York subway has an abandoned, 'secret' station that most do not know of, hidden away from the madding crowd. It's true. And these pictures might just make you wish you could see it, right now.

Take a look!

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Opened in 1904, the City Hall station, was supposed to be the most luxurious subway station. 

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It was planned out paying great attention to detail. The idea was to create a subway to commemorate New York's great transit system.

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This would have become the original southern terminus of the Manhattan main line but...

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Source: Only In Your State had to be closed down. Passengers had to get off at Brooklyn Bridge, before it went to the terminus to make its turnabout.

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When the station was built, it had curved platforms, which looked aesthetically pleasing. But then the population grew, and the platform was not functional for these newer cars.

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The station has been closed since 1945 but not demolished. For the regular New Yorker, it is not so easy to get in. If you want to experience the station, you need a NY Transit Museum membership.

A reason why many tourists or even city dwellers, don't know much about the station. 

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From curved entryways to beautiful chandeliers & oak furnishings, the station is known as the most beautiful New York subway station.

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This hidden gem is definitely on our bucket list.