"Music is what feelings sound like."

It is one of the best ways to express ourselves without saying out loud. 

And if you're a true music lover, you might want to make your love for the art public with a distinctive music tattoo. 

1. Play, Pause, Skip, and Shuffle.

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2. Your heart is just a beatbox for the song of your life.

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3. The only skyline you dream of.

Så blev man lige tatoveret. #tattoo #tus #ny #tatovering #megaglad #wuhuu

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4. Connected by music.

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5. When your heart is in the music.

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6. A note for each one.

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7. Let these tattoos... 

8. ...do all the talking.

9. Tap your feet to the beat.

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10. Who said you can't have your piano everywhere?

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11. Everything turns out to be a guitar, even the forests.

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12. Music to your ears.

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13. Too afraid to speak out loud.

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14. A tight knot tying music to you.

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15. All of us have a song to sing.

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16. Throwback to the old musical days.

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17. Music to the ears of cat.

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18. Music that connects to your heart.

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19. For all the clarinet lovers.

20. When pain penetrates, music resonates.

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21. Music is the song the heart sings.

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22. When music is inspiration.

A tattoo is something that should mean something to you. What is your most inspirational ink?

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23. Listen to the song of your heart.

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24. Hitting the right notes.

25. The voice of your soul.

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26. Something to last forever.

27. Musical connection.

28. An anchor to hold you in all storms of life.

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29. Earphones in, volume up, and ignore the world.

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30. Music heals the heart.

31. Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears, straight to the heart.

32. When music is in the veins.

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33. World of music within you.

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34. Free to flow.

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35. Be vocal about your love for music.

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36. Playing all the notes together.

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37. Flow with the music.

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38. Understand the language of music.

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39. Music is life.

40. Musical waistline.

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41. Express your love for music with colours.

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42. Heart is singing.

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43. Life is incomplete without music.

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44. All you need is a guitar.

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45. When you are high on music.

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46. Blowing your own trumpet.

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47. Sometimes it's the nicest thing to have a guitar...

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48. ...And to just look at it.

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49. Music should either move your feet or move your heart.

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50. When music is the reason of your smile.

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Get yourself inked and feel the power of music.