We all love our favourite characters from the fiction world and Comic-Con brings us a little closer to that fantasy world. 

Here is the list of 28 best Cosplayers, who not only were close but totally nailed it.

1. The crazy Madonna

Source: Nurphoto

2. Our favorite Jon Snow

Source: Rhihard

3. A Girl with no name and no eyes?

Source: kokirikid

4. Ron Burgundy

Source: Ronburgandy3

5. Barack Obama

Source: Lookalike

6. Epic Wolverine

Source: D_N

7. Daenerys Targaryen By Mikodoescosplay

Source: mikodoescosplay

8. Russel at his best

Source: Bored panda

9. Oberyn Martell

Source: AndyValentine

10. Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter 

Source: Emoposer

11. Nicky Nichols From Orange Is The New Black 

Source: humpasauruscosplay

12. The cunning Petyr Baelish

Source: Deitry

13. Elsa Cosplay By Anna Faith

Source: annafaithxoxo

14. Jack Sparrow 

Source: Bored Panda

15. Lebowski Swag

Source: Jm2845

16. Jemima Khan As Melania Trump 

Source: David. M bennet

17. April Gloria As Taylor Swift

Source: april_gloria

18. Robert Baratheon himself 

Source: Wheeliejuice

19. The beautiful Margaery Tyrell

Source: m_mellu

20. Jay And Silent Bob

Source: Top4king

21. Tyrion Lannister with that scar

Source: Lenin Tadeo Rodriguez

22. Is that the real Hermione?

Source: maresclop

23. Edward Scissorhands

Source: alysontabbitha

24. Nurse Joker 

Source: Jobe

25. Alyson Tabbitha as Wonder Woman

Source: alysontabbitha

26. Laura Gilbert as Harley Quinn

Source: infamousbylaura

27. The Terminator

28. Best Dumb and Dumber

Source: Boredpanda