Dronestagram brings together people, from around the world, who are passionate about drone photography. Photographers share thousands of pictures every day and can also take a look at pictures by others.

The whole idea of drone photography is that it gives a different angle to the pictures. Every year Dronestagram announces the 20 best pictures of the year. The ones from 2017 are simply stunning. Take a look.

Kefalonia Melissani Cave

Source: CalinStan


Source: helios1412

Concrete Jungle of Dubai

Source: bachirm

Dawn on Mercury Tower

Source: AlexeyGoncharov

Salt fields

Bac Lieu is the salt basket of the Mekong Delta, with extensive salt fields along the coast. 

Source: helios1412

Portuguese surfer

Source: jcourtial

Rising waters

Source: JustenSoule


Source: seksan saowarod

Stairway to Heaven

The long staircase leading to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve, Portugal.

Source: jcourtial

Quad bikes in the dunes

Source: LukeMaximoBell

Stingray and girls

Source: tahitiflyshoot

Motorbike bridge over river in Thailand

Source: tominspires

Cruising the Route 66

Source: RafWillems

The majestic beast Nanuk

The large polar bear Nanuk in Inuktitut is an impressive animal. In this photo, we can see him crossing between two pieces of sea glacier, or we can imagine him trying to hold it as it melts.

Source: FlorianLedoux

Girls at the beach, Rio de Janeiro

Source: marihenud

Swimming with a whale

Source: DroneFilmsProject

Tropical island beach, Dominican Republic

Source: ValentinValkov

Hippopotami in Serengeti National Park.

Source: yannick68

Cracked mud boating on Burke Lake

Source: MiloAllerton

Sveti Stefan hotel in Montenegro

Source: smakadron

Apart from the top 20, the website has listed these 2 photos as honourable mentions.

The most famous waterfall in Iceland, Gullfoss.

Source: Vaidas

Home. Sweet. Home.

Source: Yannick68

Breathtaking, isn't it?