It's that time of the year again. People are getting married every other day and everyone from relatives to neighbours are starting to ask you that dreaded question... Beta, shaadi kab kar rahe ho? And even though most of us have perfected the art of white-noising all the shaadi chatter the world keeps blasting our way, it's exceptionally hard to handle when our own parents do it.

Well, the next time your parents make the daunting suggestion that you get hitched to a 'nice' boy/girl that they have been dying to start looking for (on your behalf, obviously), you will not be off-guard. Here are a few things you can say to diffuse the situation.

Yep. Remember these simple lines and before you know it, you'll be dodging every shaadi question like a fuckin' ninja. Just keep us in your thoughts as you deliver the line and walk away in slow motion as your mum/dad explode with with bewilderment in the background.

And ya, don't forget to place this mat outside your house for all those annoying relatives who're way too concerned about your marriage. 

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