Find out which Bhojpuri film you are according to your zodiac sign. This is the only thing about your personality you will ever need to know.

1. Aries

You’re inherently a rebel with your own unique way of doing things differently. You can’t be tied down by predefined social norms and you’re always thinking out of the box.

The film for your sun sign is:

Vardi Wala Gunda

2. Taurus

You’re passionate about the things you love. Some would even say you’re stubborn to the extent of being uncompromising. But that’s just ‘cause you feel a little too strongly about the thing.

The film for your sun sign is:

Ziddi Aashiq

3. Gemini

You are your own favourite person and closest ally. You have a close-knit circle of friends but you’re always the most loyal to yourself.

The film for your sun sign is:


4. Cancer

People avoid getting into your bad books because once they get there, there’s no going back. You’ll do anything to destroy anyone who messes with you and will happily rejoice in their misery.

The film for your sun sign is:

Jaani Dushman

5. Leo

No matter what situation you’re in, you always strive to emerge as the hero. You adore the limelight, thrive in your popularity, and love being in control.

The film for your sun sign is:

Hero Gamchawala

6. Virgo

You need things to go your way or no way at all. Your life is a carefully laid out chess board and you’ll get all riled up if someone moved a piece and disturbed your setting.

The film for your sun sign is:


7. Libra

You simply can’t make up your mind about anything. Your complicated love-life and staggering bank balance are testament to your indecisiveness of epic proportions.

The film for your sun sign is:

Ek Laila Teen Chhaila

8. Scorpio

You’re always ready to defend your stand if you find yourself in an argument. You have a defensive and aggressive outer shell. But those closest to you know you’re a softy on the inside.

The film for your sun sign is:

Maar Deb Goli Keho Na Boli

9. Sagittarius

Your cold outer shell misleads people into believing you’re aloof. In reality, you’re just a philosophical soul who questions everything around them.

The film for your sun sign is:

Ee Kaisan Pratha

10. Capricorn

You’re a hardworking person who likes to take on more work than you can handle. While the world thinks you’re a one-man-army who can handle everything on your own, the truth is you’re just a lousy team player.

The film for your sun sign is:

Ek Bihari Sau Pe Bhaari

11. Aquarius

You’re a trendsetter who usually has the most innovative solutions to everyday problems. While you may not always be the best dressed in the room, you’re still one of the most fashion forward.

The film for your sun sign is:

Jeans Wali Bhauji

12. Pisces

You’re a hopeless romantic who’s always ready to give relationship advice. You’re prone to getting lonely and constantly need company in order to survive.

The film for your sun sign is:

Pandit Ji Batayee Na Biyah Kab Hoyi

Design Credits: Lucky Mehendiratta