While Bigg Boss 16 is getting us more drama and entertainment than we’re used to, there’s no denying that contestants are already picking petty fights over small things. But then, this is not the first time that has happened. We’ve seen the most unusual reactions, that are blown out of proportion – with respect to what they’re for. So, watching someone fight or cry over a slightly burnt ‘roti‘ is not a big deal.

And here are all the times when contestants got worked up about the silliest things.

1. When Rubina and Aly got dramatic over Rubina’s hair styling tools.

During an episode in Season 14, Bigg Boss conducted a nomination task, wherein contestants were asked to give up or destroy their things. So when Aly was told that Rubina will have to give away her hair styling tools, he got all dramatic about it. While Rubina did a good thing, she also put more emphasis on it than it needed. I mean, calling the straightener her “dost“, that’s a little too much?

2. When Nikki lied about being unwell because she wanted her makeup.

In a task, contestants were told to stay outside the bedroom and Nikki lied about being unwell. When she was sent into the room by other contestants, given that it was a medical issue, she ended up collecting her makeup. Of course, that led to a fight.

3. Shalin’s chicken rant.

The infamous chicken rant has left a lot of people, including Salman Khan irritated. Basically, Shalin thinks that Bigg Boss doesn’t send enough chicken according to his protein needs, and well, he made sure to talk about it all day, for a lot of days. Imagine being around it, or having to be on the receiving end of it, of course you’d snap, even Bigg Boss did.

4. When Rakhi Sawant got all filmy for coffee.

Rakhi Sawant has been one of the most entertaining contestants on Bigg Boss, and there have been too many times when she forgot to draw a line between entertainment and melodrama. So when she needed coffee, she resort to ways like telling Bigg Boss that her body, mind and toes had stopped working. She then went to say, “main aapke haath pair jodti hoon, mujhe coffee dedo.” A little too much, no?

5. Pavitra sacrificing her clothes for Rahul.

Again, Pavitra did a good thing for Rahul, by saving him from being nominated. But her reaction wasn’t something that one would normally expect. Of course, clothes, like food matters to anyone, but there’s something as over-reaction, and a meltdown does it.

6. Vikas, Rakhi and Nikki’s ‘cheela’ fight.

Food matters, and we know it. But no one, not even siblings fight over food like contestants do on Bigg Boss. The show has seen some of the most dramatic meltdowns over food, and Vikas’ argument with Nikki over not giving him a ‘cheela‘ because of a grudge was probably one of the most unreasonable things said on the show ever.

7. When Jasmin had a meltdown after washing clothes.

Bigg Boss makes people do things that they never did, or in some cases, imagined they’d do. But, washing one’s own clothes shouldn’t be made to sound as much a task as contestants do. Like the time, when Jasmin literally cried after washing her clothes, because she had added too much detergent for her to able to clean them in one go.

8. When Priyanka said that everyone else was getting more food than her.

During an episode in this season, Priyanka picked up a fight because she thought that other’s were taking more food. She went on to say that she saw everyone else’s plates and the compared the quantity. Since she also pointed Nimrit, among others, Nimrit mentioned that it was a petty thing to get worked up over food.

That’s what living under the same roof for ninety plus days, without devices does to people.

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