Watching Bigg Boss 16 reminds us that entertainment and fights are constant in all seasons. And if we really think about it, we can’t blame the contestants for all these fights, given that it’s difficult to adjust with people, while living under the same roof. We still haven’t devised a full-proof plan to survive in a desi home without fighting, and it’s pretty much the same thing with Bigg Boss.

Here are all the times when fights at home, felt a lot like the ones at the Bigg Boss house.

1. When you pick a fight because your sibling took more of something you like.

We’ve all brought up past issues over the last slice of pizza. And given the limited choices in the Bigg Boss house, such fights are like a normal at this point. Like the time when Priyanka fought with Nimrit because she thought that the portions were not being divided equally.

2. When you’re pissed off because you were assigned chores at home.

At some point or the other we’ve all hated doing some work that a room-mate or our parents assigned. And well, that anger can come out in weird ways. The iconic “Pooja, what is this behaviour?” debacle comes to the mind – that was one scary fight.

3. When a sibling calls you names.

If you’ve lived with siblings, you know that there are hardly days when you do not mock them or vice versa. Something as small as sitting in their chair, leads to them calling you weird things/names. This is also a typical day in the Bigg Boss house – for instance, when Rahul went on to call Rubina a “bandariya“. Of course, it’s not the perfect behaviour for national television.

4. When a room-mate steals your food.

We all care for food deeply and this includes essentials like coffee, chocolates and more. So if anyone takes it without permission, it irritates us. That’s a normal reaction. Something that also happened in the Bigg Boss house, when Shamita thought that Umar stole her coffee. Honestly, I don’t blame her for being paranoid.

5. When we get ‘touchy’ about people touching our things.

Isn’t it annoying when anyone moves something, that’s ours, without asking or telling us? And this definitely leads to meltdowns and arguments. Of course, the Bigg Boss contestants take that up a notch, like everything else. Archana and Gori’s fight in Bigg Boss 16 is one example – where Gori blamed Archana for throwing away her avocados.

6. When we’re so annoyed by our siblings that we hate them for no reason.

Living under one roof, with other people is not the easiest thing, definitely when you also have an annoying sibling. Naturally, there are times when everything about them just pisses one off, even if they’re hardly moving. Rakhi and Arshi’s playful feuds are proof of it.

7. When you lock yourself in the bathroom because people irritate you.

During an episode, Nikki locked herself in the bathroom because she was pissed at Jaan and Rahul. She tells them that she won’t come out, and there’s no point waiting outside, to talk. A lot of us have done that, but of course, we’re usually forced to come out because privacy isn’t a thing in desi households.

8. When ‘space’ becomes an issue in the kitchen.

If you’ve been in a kitchen with someone, anyone (specifically with a parent) you know it’s impossible to not pick a fight. Most times being in the same kitchen leads to silent treatment for days, just another desi household thing. And this is exactly what happened between Priyanka and Archana, after Priyanka needed space and less interference from Archana.

Deep down, we’re all as dramatic as these Bigg Boss contestants, and we know it.

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