When we think about Bigg Boss we mostly think of the fights and drama. However, if we look closely, a lot of things resemble our time in school. From a ‘principal-like’ figure to specific rules and monitors who manage all the chores, their days at the house are similar to our classes.

1. There’s a captain who usually ends up being the common enemy.

Not only does Bigg Boss assign a new captain regularly, that contestant is also expected to monitor the house. Much like reporting ‘talking girls and boys’ in class, they are supposed to maintain the house. Of course, most times this ends up with contestants hating the captain.

2. The Bigg Boss anthem.

We’ve all stood (and fainted) in lines for the morning assembly at school. A lot of it is about the school motto and anthem. Now that Bigg Boss 16 introduced an anthem instead of the wake-up call, it comes quite close to our school assemblies.

3. The host has to resolve issues between contestants.

Who hasn’t fought with a classmate? Back in school we had teachers who had to resolve these fights and listen to students. In the show, the host or Bigg Boss himself does it. And surprisingly, very much like students, contestants take their advice seriously.


4. The ‘no English’ rule.

A lot of schools have a rule where students are expected to converse in the English language in the school premises. An exact opposite, the show has a rule to not converse in English and only use Hindi. A failure to do that usually leads to contestants getting called out.

5. When there were freshers and seniors.

At school, we either like our seniors or not, but we still have to work with them. And Bigg Boss 14 brought some of those memories back, when Gauhar, Hina and Sidharth had joined the show again. During a task, freshers had to choose a senior’s team.

6. When things (mostly, food) lead to fights.

During an episode, Archana was caught stealing ginger from the kitchen. And she fought back saying that she kept it and so it was hers. While it took a lot of convincing, we’ve all fought over petty reasons at school.


7. The annual function ‘vibe’.

If contestants are not fighting over food, they are usually found dressing up for a competition or some event. And honestly, it gives off a very annual function vibe. Like the Diwali episode, where Shalin, Sumbul, Archana and others prepared dance performances for Karan Johar.

8. When Bigg Boss was literally transformed into a school.

There was a task in season 4 where the house was turned into a school. While some contestants were students others were teachers. And weirdly, they all fit well in their characters – like Manoj Tiwari as an English teacher.

Oh, and eliminations feel like suspension from classes.

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