Bigg Boss 16 is all about twists and entertainment, and with Bigg Boss’ involvement in this season, we couldn’t help but think of how each season he makes sure that people don’t end up killing each other, like any desi dad. Also like desi fathers, he doesn’t use a lot of words but there’s an unsaid fear that exists.

While it is weird, he’s basically every desi dad ever.

1. He schools contestants on their ‘priorities’.

Shalin kept asking for extra chicken in his meals, explaining how Bigg Boss was unfair to him, and like any father Bigg Boss told him that “he’s doing enough” in terms of sending the ration. He then went on to call him out for thinking that Bigg Boss doesn’t care about their food intake.

Bigg Boss 16

2. He plays loud unbearable sounds in the house, when someone is sleeping.

Desi dads are used to passive measures of discipling their children – like listening to things on speaker to wake us up. And this is pretty much what Bigg Boss did when Hina Khan was resting before a task.

Bigg Boss

3. He keeps trying to convince people that he’s impartial and everyone is equal in his “eye”.

Gauhar pointed out that Bigg Boss was partial towards certain people and hence he has something against Kushal. This was after an incident in the house after Kushal had been violent. Bigg Boss then tried explaining Gauhar that he treats everyone the same.

Bigg Boss

4. He eventually takes a firm stand, even if he doesn’t say much throughout a fight.

In one season, where Swami Om had misbehaved with multiple contestants, and did some petty things, Bigg Boss announced that he won’t take it. He then went on to remove Swami Om from the house. Reminded a lot of Amitabh Bachchan’s character from K3G.

Bigg Boss

5. He gets all awkward if someone discusses about their relationships (or crush).

Rakhi Sawant had talked about her crush on Abhinav, multiple times. But, when she discussed this with Bigg Boss, asking him if she should go ahead and express it, he got so awkward, we could cut the tension in the confession room with a knife.

Bigg Boss

6. He can be passive aggressive at times, when of course, his patience is tested.

After Archana was asked to empty the captain’s room in a recent episode, she took a lot of time doing it. And so Bigg Boss taunted her asking if she understood what he said when he meant that it had to be done “as soon as possible”.

Bigg Boss 16

7. He tries to fit in.

In another recent episode of Bigg Boss 16, he suggested that contestants should gossip with him. It was like watching a desi dad trying to make conversation with kids (yes, the analogy is weird). Not only this, he actually called contestants to the confession room and asked them for tea.

Bigg Boss 16

8. He doesn’t easily take demands.

When Archana went into the confession room to share “gossip” with Bigg Boss, she also asked for a grater because she wanted it to make “kofte”. Bigg Boss, in his most sassy reply told her that he didn’t ask for a shopping list.

Bigg Boss 16

9. He looks out for the contestants’ health, and makes sure that they eat.

After Gautam gave up the house’s ration for captaincy, some contestants went on a hunger strike to take his captaincy away. Bigg Boss responded to this by telling them that it’s good to take a stand but they also have to eat, and ended up giving them a secret task where they could also eat secretly.

Bigg Boss 16

10. He doesn’t like to talk a lot, or people who talk a lot.

Bigg Boss had asked contestants to vote one person that they all wanted to “shut up” and the majority of them voted for Archana. After Archana said that it’s impossible for her, Bigg Boss went on to ask her to shut up himself.

Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss could assign a task and say – “Bigg Boss chahte hain ki contestants savings ki FD banwa lein”, and even that’d sound normal.

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