It was quite the celebration when Hrithik Roshan made his debut in Bollywood.

The Y2K parties weren't over and we were still jumping with joy at the start of a new millennium. Add to that his dashing looks and swift dancing skills and Hrithik's arrival was mind-blowing to say the least. We'd never seen an actor like him and frankly, we couldn't look anywhere else either! 

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The film was a typical, formulaic Bollywood movie. 

The hero dies but voila, there's another one who looks exactly like him. Unlike today, we liked watching this stuff back then and there was no way we could stop cheering for Rohit/Raj during the climax.

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Rohit's death came as a shock because how often do you see your lead hero die in the first half itself, right? But then, came the big reveal!

With Ek Pal Ka Jeena, we forgot all about Rohit and just knew that Raj would save the day.

Till date, that song remains totally iconic! 

We have all danced to it, drooled over Hrithik Roshan and tried imitating his dance steps in front of our TV screens. But do we really remember it clearly or is this another case of living in the past and loving anything that reminds us of our childhood?

Let's recall what we really saw:

For starters, people in New Zealand go clubbing during the day. 

We don't need to point how strange that sounds.

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All those who were cheering Anushka Sharma for wearing desi clothes in a club in The Breakup Song, guys, Amisha Patel did it way before her!

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She was so committed that she even wore white bangles to match with her costume.

Let's not even talk about Hrithik's clothes in this one. 

The man fooled us into believing this was legit fashion.

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He even wore sunglasses inside the club and we still believed he was cool. 

You and I both know how much we would mock someone if they did that now.

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As if he had not established himself as the cool guy who could like dance like MJ and carry himself in a transparent t-shirt, he took it a notch further by playing an electric guitar without plugging it in.

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It wouldn't be Bollywood if he didn't do that.

While Amisha Patel maintains her 'WHAT THE FUCK!' expression throughout the song, she shows her creepy side by going through the guy's bag.

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Going through someone else's bag is just NOT COOL. No matter what Bollywood says.

Even though the song might have a lot of nonsense, Ek Pal Ka Jeena was a birthday party favourite because honestly, back then, the '90s kids knew no better! 

Lucky Ali's magical voice with Hrithik's dance moves were a match made in heaven. 

And we know you now want to enjoy the song and move your hands sitting in your seat. So here's the song we've all loved:

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