As we’ve been seeing for the past few months, the Delhi metro has been under the spotlight for varied situations and scenarios that have been taking place on it. I guess, this viral video of two women fighting is an addition to such occurrences. In the video, two of them are seen cussing each other out, while other passengers try to stop the argument from escalating.

The clip, which has been shared by journalist and filmmaker @DeepikaBhardwaj also shows how one of the women in the argument removed her shoe and was ready to attack the other with it. While the other reached a point where she was about to attack with her water bottle, but ultimately ends up throwing water at her (and not the actual bottle, whew!).

It seems netizens have found this clip super entertaining, and many have compared it to a scene from Bigg Boss! The drama quotient was definitely high.

Here, take a look at how else people have responded to this occurrence.

Life in a metro?