Some may argue that conspiracy theories are dangerous and fuel major reactions within easily triggered people. But, in my opinion, it’s better to know about the possibility of something impacting your or other people’s reality, than to never even question what you’re seeing in front of you. So, while I don’t support violence and hate in the name of conspiracy theories, I don’t think anyone should just sit back and accept what they can see with their eyes. Because not everything can be seen. Some things are true and exist but we may have yet to discover them.

So, we’ve compiled a few of the biggest conspiracy theories regarding the wealthy of the world. Because even if you don’t believe in any of this, maybe this list will prove to be a good read. Here, take a look:

1. The Illuminati (this was bound to be here, of course)

The theory is that an elite organisation is secretly behind some of the greatest decisions and events taking place in the world. Though it was an actual secret society founded in 1776 in Bavaria, the present-day theory is about some of the most influential people in our world being a part of the society.

Conspiracy theory, Rich
Credit: Bitdefender

2. The Lizard People

Followers of BBC reporter David Icke believe that the British Royal Family and George W. Bush belong to an alien race, which are reptilians and also shapeshifters, and apparently they run the world!

Conspiracy theory, Rich
Credit: Netflix

3. The company that apparently owns the entire world

According to many, giants such as BlackRock and Vanguard pretty much own the entire world. Both are investment firms and own the shares of several affluent companies. Which gives them the power to wield voting rights.

Conspiracy theory, Rich
Credit: The Trade News

4. The use of social media as a propaganda tool

Though it’s no suprise that social media, like any other kind of media can be used for propaganda, some are saying that the government has a larger role to play in scenarios such as war propaganda. So, according to many Redditors and even journalists, social media is used as a propaganda tool greatly.

Conspiracy theory, Rich
Credit: The National

5. Cure for cancer

Apparently, the biggest pharma companies are suppressing the discovery of a cure for cancer, because many politicians and affluent people benefit from pharmaceutical expenditure by patients and honestly, general bad health (more people who’ll shell out money on medicines that don’t cure anything permanently, right?).

Conspiracy theory, Rich
Credit: Swarajya

6. QAnon

The viral pro-Donald Trump theory claims that Donald Trump was up against (and still is) a mysterious and shady cabal of Democratic paedophiles. More extensively, it claims that an organisation of Satan-worshippers is sex-trafficking children and Trump is fighting it all. The QAnon believers have been charged with murder and kidnappings as well.

Credit: Poynter

7. World Economic Forum or secret society?

Last year when world leaders gathered for the World Economic Forum, the internet came forward with a pretty wild conspiracy theory. A theory which claims that leaders wanted to force the population to eat insects instead of meat as a cure for environmental changes. Yep, you read that right. Again, even with this conspiracy theory, the suspicion falls on the elite of society and how they’re manipulating major world events.

Credit: The Economic Forum

8. The Suppression of free energy

The suppression of free energy theory states that advanced technology can allow us to create free energy. But certain affluent, special interest groups are hindering from that happening because if it does so many who are invested in the exhaustive fuel industry wouldn’t have much to profit from.


Don’t go too deep in though, it can be a total rabbit hole.