All families have that one kid who no one understands. Oh c'mon! Admit it, you know I'm talking about you. No matter how hard you try, you always end up in trouble... and then you just stop trying.

1. Embarrassing your parents was your job, the only job you did well.

2. The fact that you were way below average, made your average sibling look like a superstar to your family, and they had the time of their lives thanks to this. Pfft.

3. But in reality, they were jealous AF of your carefree ass. Who wouldn't be anyway?

4. 'Idhar aa, main batati hoon', was a phrase your mother said at least once a day when shit was about to go down.

5. You realised very early on in your life that you were different. Very different.

6. Gone case, nikkama, nalayak, duffer... you were hardly ever called by your real name.

7. Family vacations were always a nightmare. It gave your parents more time with you, to tell you how big a fuck up you really were.

8. Taking you out to meet other people was your parents' worst nightmare.

9. No matter how you dressed, it was always too shabby.

10. Did you ever do anything right? Even when someone asked you to 'go right', you went wrong.

12. Your sibling was portrayed as the trophy child in front of people. Basically, uncle-aunty ke saamne dance karne ke liye use bulaaya jata tha.

13. Your life choices are garbage. Every single one of them.

14. While everyone was worried about report-card day, you were worried about how to forge your parents' signatures.

15. Your parents always thought it's just a phase par woh kya jaane ki tumhe badalna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai.

I'll probably get in trouble for this too!