Board exams are just round the corner. With less than a week remaining, I'm sure you must be stressed out. It's the time to step back and consider all the knowledge you've gained in the past few months.

While most people these days are telling you not to take much stress, I know it's not that easy. Just relax for a moment and have a look at these memes which sum up your life during board exams. They will surely give you some light moments and help relieve your anxiety.

Bas thodi der so leta hu....

When you land up in the chemistry lab for the first time.

 Kaash thoda time aur mil jaata!

 Iska apna ek alag hi khauff hai.

 English ka kya hai, last me padh lenge.

 Yeh kaun scholar aa gaya. 

 Kisko tick karu, ye bhi hai, vo bhi hai.

Lagi padi hai.

 Darr ke aage jeet hai.

 Paas hone ke liye saala kuch bhi karega.

 Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.

 Mera chain vain sab ujda.

 Coz memes get into the head easily and other things bounce off.

 Jab maths sar chadh ke bolne lage.

 JEE, BITS, ye entrance, vo entrance, and the list is never ending.

 Kaise bhi entry mil jaye bas.

 Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, uske baad to main khud ki bhi nahin sunta.

 Aa gaya, aa gaya, vo din aa gaya.

 Aise kaise BC!

 Whatever! I don't give a shit.

Keep calm and give your best.

Good luck for your exams!