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Apr 14, 2018 at 16:12

15 Body Language Hacks That’ll Make You Get The Job Of Your Dreams

by Smrutisnat Jena

Being successful is not something everyone can achieve. Not for the lack of trying, of course. Sometimes, it's just the way you walk, talk or behave. Sometimes, all you need to have is the right body language.

1. Sit up straight.

Slouching is a sign of laziness. It implies that you are weak and are making no attempts at changing your lifestyle. 

Source: Optimist Daily


2. Do not get fidgety at any cost. 

Tapping your fingers or feet or playing with your hair are signs of nervousness and anxiety. Avoid fidgeting at all costs. 

Source: ADHD


3. Make eye contact while talking. 

Always make eye contact with the people you are talking to. It implies that you are confident and are a person of conviction. 

Source: The next scoop


4. A firm handshake is a strong statement in itself. 

A firm handshake is the symbol of a strong and confident personality. A feeble handshake will give out the impression that you're weak and people won't mind rolling you over. 

Source: Rediff


5. Don't cross your arms. 

Crossed arms mean that you are not open to new ideas. People take it as a symbol of you being rigid. 

Source: ewritings


6. Keep your chin up.

Bowing down means that you are easily intimidated and lack the conviction you need to present your ideas. 

Source: Sky news


7. Exaggerated nodding is a big NO.

Exaggerated nodding implies that you are in a hurry to get your shit done and will agree to anything. It also means that you pretend to understand everything the other person is saying.

Source: Tumblr


8. Smile often. 

A frown never helps. A little smile, on the other hand, is not only pleasant but professional and is a sign of goodwill. 

Source: wrestle stars


9. Do not clench your fists. 

Much like crossed arms, this implies that you might not be open to new ideas. It can also be interpreted as a defensive gesture and people might get scared to interact with you. 

Source: new republic


10. Don't stand too close to other people.

This is a simple concept of personal space that one must be aware of. At least in a professional circle. Standing too close to someone might make them uncomfortable. 

Source: Wikimedia


11. Don't look at the clock at a meeting.

If you look at your clock during a meeting, it implies that you are distracted and have better things to do. It also means that you are impatient or have an inflated ego. 

Source: goodnewsunlimited


12. Don't roll your eyes.

rolling your eyes is an obvious way of telling people that you do not respect their opinion. It might be out of habit but it's voluntary and you can control it. 

Source: Giphy


13. Avoid inconsistent words or facial expressions.

Inconsistent use of words and facial expressions give the impression of you trying to deceive people, even if that is not your intention. 

Source: Imgur


14. Face the person while having a conversation.

Face people when you talk to them. It's simple and implies that you know what you are talking about and are confident about your ideas. 

Source: The Ring


So follow these simple things and of course, don't forget to work hard. 

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