Aryan Khan has finally marked his directorial debut into the glamour world with a commercial for his limited-release luxe streetwear brand, D’Yavol.

Interestingly, the advertisement also features his father, Shah Rukh Khan.

In the ad, Aryan Khan is seen writing a bunch of words on a board. However, he struck out the word ‘timeless’ with red paint, throws the brush in frustration and leaves. Later, Shah Rukh Khan enters the frame, picks up the brush and draws another strike with the brush, making an ‘X‘ on the board, which is the brand’s logo.

Earlier, the father-son duo took to their social media handles and shared a short glimpse of the commercial on their social media accounts.

In the teaser, a paintbrush falls down on the floor and a man picks it up. Towards the end of the teaser, we see SRK’s eyes for a split second.

The official account of the brand posted a picture of Aryan Khan behind the camera, as he seems to be focused on his work.

In December 2022, Aryan Khan revealed, through a picture, that he will also mark his debut as a series director. In the picture, a script with his name was placed next to the clapboard with ‘Red Chillies Entertainment’ written on it.

This looks interesting. What do you think?