There’s a reason people all over the world celebrate and love Shah Rukh Khan. Not only is the actor a pioneer in his profession and craft, but he is recognized by his kindness and impeccable manners on an even greater level. In fact, director Tigmanshu Dhulia has shared in an interview how SRK would sleep on the floor of the bus and talk to everyone person while shooting for Dil Se.

In the interview, Dhulia said “He would take a nap on the floor of the bus. His boy would just put out a simple sheet for him on the floor, and he would take a power nap. Shah Rukh never said that I am sleeping there.” Apparently, the Pathaan actor would eat as quickly as possible during the lunch hour and then take a power nap on the bus’ floor while travelling to different locations for the film.

The director also talked about how the actor is still the same person, even after all these years. As they were working together in Zero in 2018, SRK was also producing the film, and according to Dhulia, he made sure everyone had eaten and was taken care of on its set!

Tigmanshu Dhulia said “His manners are extraordinary. He is a very humble man, very well-mannered.” Just another reason to love king Khan!