The opening line of a book generally has a deeper meaning to it than we fathom. Apart from creating that first impression, it also invites a reader in and makes us stick to the book. The first few sentences hold the power to intrigue, horrify, amuse or just mystify the reader. They set the stage for what is yet to come. They set the tone of the story and if they’re impactful enough, the readers remember them for a long time. 

The importance of these words can be understood by the fact that authors invest months and sometimes years to zero down on the perfect first sentence. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an avid reader or not, these words still manage to enthrall and keep you longing for more!

Here are 20 of the best opening lines from fiction novels that will definitely leave an impression on you.








































If this is the beginning, you can imagine how wonderful the rest of the book must be.

Design credit: Disha Bhanot