It takes a lot to come up with a good title for a book. However, let’s admit it, it’s any day funnier if everyday books came with quirky subtitles.

Thankfully, we have an Instagram account dedicated to posting pictures of books with the funniest subtitles you’ll ever see. Their wit will catch you off guard and leave you with a smile.

Librarian’s work done right!

Impossibility starts here.

Well, what can you say. Poor Dave.


Just. Don’t.

Being confident is more important than being right.

Only place where you possibly can.


Sex ed is important.

Will be the second page.

A night to remember.

It’s a rebirth, tbh.

Best ways.

The struggle is real.

Always thinking out of the box.

Photographic memory much?

Run for your life, bro.


This hit right in the feels.

 Subtletly? Nah.

Well, I don’t care what you think, I’m proud of myself.

Seriously books, you need to catch up.

All images are from Instagram.

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