Each day we change the definition of words we use in our daily lives. Sometimes intentionally, other times just to keep up with the ever changing landscape of the Internet world. New words get added, old words get forgotten, and some even get new meaning. Who thought Netflix and Chill would be used as a sex euphemism?

The Devil’s Dictionary, Ambrose Pierce’s satirical lexicon, is a beautiful piece of art which was originally published in 1906. Verge, the online magazine borrowed and updated the dictionary to fit the present day’s usage. The satirical meanings ascribed to regular words will either tickle your bones to the floor or put you in some much required deep thought. 

Here are few words we hand-picked for you from The New Devil’s Dictionary. Have a fun time unlearning what you learnt!

Cannot wait to use them!

H/T: Verge


Shout out to Palki Sharma for the kick-ass designs.