If you’ve read Sudha Murthy’s books, you’d know that she fascinates the readers with her simple and engaging writing style. Her in-depth portrayal of the characters and storytelling leaves everyone in awe of her stories.

In an old interview with Shashi Tharoor, she mentioned that one of her biggest strengths as a writer is that her language is relatable.

When Shashi Tharoor aksed her what she has against dictionaries, Sudha Murthy said that in India 50-60% people speak colloquial English. They would require a dictionary to read and understand the books of Tharoor and others who write fancy words.

But she is like those people. And so is her writing.

Sudha Murthy has been a teacher, writer, social worker, and so much more. So when Tharoor asked her if she feels she has infused her creative spark in thousands of other children, Murthy talked about how she feels nice when children who’ve read her books recognise her in public spaces like airports.

Pointing to an old student of hers, she recalled how her Computer Science students would remember the stories she told in class but not the subject.

Further talking about why she started writing, Sudha Murthy said that she realised that she wasn’t writing because she wanted to share her stories with people. Rather, it’s that urge for writing within a writer.

A woman who never ceases to inspire people across generations!

You can watch the clip here.